Hollywood History

Tanjung Bungah was just a cluster village back at the time, the place was filled with flora and fauna, only dirt road linking to everyone. Hollywood Cafe that time, was just like any ordinary "Kopitiam" that you can see around Penang Island now. Serving up Hainan Coffee, Tea and other food such as toast Hainan bread, soft boil egg and many more.

That time was the time of Tan Yong Eng which came from China who establised the foundation which now came to known as Hollywood Restaurant.

Not long after he arrived, he brought is son Tan Cheow San which together, they ran the cafe from day to dawn. Tan Cheow San later went to Alor Setar to work. After a few years, he came back again to the cafe. This time the cafe is now growing rapidly. The cafe was slowly getting known throughout the island.

By the late 1950s, Tan Cheow San was engaged and getting married to Ong Ai Lin. That was a happy time for all, the wedding was held in the cafe that was later turned into a restaurant by Tan Cheow San himself.

Tan Cheow San made Hollywood Cafe into Hollywood Restaurant. From there onwards, the restaurant became one of the best restaurant in the island of Penang. Everything which the restaurant has now, all starts from them, the pioneers that introduce the dishes we have now in the restaurant today.

Then one day, a tragic incident happen in the restaurant, an armed man came in and rob Tan Cheow San and shot him. He pass away few months after the incident. Now the restaurant is run by his son Tan Wee Chong.

And now also joining him together is his son, Melvin Tan. Which is also the chef that prepares all the food in the restaurant.